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Word Search Puzzles game

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Noughts and Crosses

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Word Search Puzzles

In Supergirl Shaya’s word search, words are placed horizontally, vertically and diagonally, both forwards and back-to-front. There are also a few overlaps between words so you will need a keen eye to spot all the words and solve the puzzle! ☺️

When you have spotted a word, simply click the first letter of the word found in order to highlight that letter, once highlighted proceed to hover over and highlight the entire word found to then click on the last letter of the word found to secure the highlight to stay in place.

As you highlight each word, the words found will be highlighted in different colours. i.e orange, blue, green. etc

A cross line will appear through the word found and highlighted in the word box displayed underneath the wordsearch to show when one word is achieved.

The Wordsearch changes and reshuffles each time a player WINS.🏆


Noughts and Crosses

In Supergirl Shaya’s O’s and X’s you will be playing against Supergirl Shaya.

Simply click settings under the Game Grid Box to choose your level of difficulty and who should go first you or Supergirl Shaya.

Once you have happily chosen your settings, the player who succeeds in placing three marks in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row wins. You take one turn a time.