Shem Diana Moses


Shem Diana Moses is a fervent children’s diversity penwoman committed to artistically writing self-affirmation and confidence-boosting materials for young girls of color. Intrinsically motivated by her intense devotion to affirm and instill confidence in young brown and black girls, Shem writes intriguing content tailored to help them in stress relieving, accepting their uniqueness, freely expressing their creativity, attaining empowerment, and helping to improve how they feel and view themselves.

Shem strongly believes in writing as a highly effective medium in assisting both the children and the youth in discovering their inner voice and giving their inner confidence a chance to rise. She also works tirelessly to ensure that children and the youth maintain high self-esteem through innumerable black wellness and charitable projects.

Alongside writing for change, Shem is an enthusiast in charitable projects in Africa. She believes in creating growth and sustainable enterprises that promote overall growth in individuals and progressive thinking.

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My books are dedicated to my beautiful niece Yara-Inara. My true inspiration.