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My Skin Is Lovely

Welcome to Super Girl Shaya’s guide to her Superpowers!

My Skin is Lovely!

Your children are more powerful and spectacular than society thinks!

All a parent wants in life is to ensure that their child knows how beautiful and powerful they are, despite how some may treat them.
As an author focused on writing empowering self-love stories and uplifting affirmations for black girls My Skin is Lovely will help your child understand that they are beautiful, powerful, and can achieve anything they set their minds to by using positive affirmations with the ABCs. They will learn that they should never hide who they are and that they should feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful in their own skin.
Teach your child that they can do anything in life, no matter what their background is, by using this fun, positive book that will ensure your child knows just how wonderful and bright they really are.
My Skin is Lovely is a wonderful book for young black girls and will teach them the importance of confidence in a world that may not put an importance on it.

My Skin is Lovely 📚children’s book is fun, uplifting and will make your little black girls feel empowered. It will be loved by your little princesses. ❤️👸🏾✅ #loveskin

I write books you can enjoy together to ensure your little black Supergirl is not just comfortable with the color of her skin, but confident that her mahogany hue is absolutely stunning! I am following a calling to shift the conversation from a place of embracing inclusion to teaching pride.

Inside My Skin is Lovely, Discover:

  • A book packed with reasons why  your child should be proud of their heritage and diversity.
  • Learnings your children can use to better understand the importance of accepting people for who they are.
  • A book that empowers your children to go on to be a proud, successful and empathetic person.
Bonus Affirmation…
B for Belonging – how your children can learn they belong and deserve a spot at every table!




'Capture a ♥' collection

My Hair Is Lovely

Black is Beautiful and so is Black Hair. Supergirl Shaya is back to teach your supergirl all about one of her most potent superpowers: her HAIR. Learn everything you need to know about black hair, from the science and care of afro-textured hair to the history and culture behind uniquely black hairstyles. In this book of teachings and affirmations, your little black girl will discover an important lesson:
Black is beautiful and so is black hair.

My CULTURE Is Lovely



🦋Super Girl Shaya™ is back once more to teach you all about what makes black people so super!🦋

From soul food to blues music, Shaya wants to help your Supergirl discover the beauty of black culture. ♥

Through an exciting journey from our roots in Africa to the present day, your Supergirl will learn to hold her head high with pride in her culture. After all, pride is a Supergirl’s strongest power! POW!



'Capture a ♥' collection


It’s more than just a Coloring Book!

Supergirl Shaya’s Positive Self-Affirmation Coloring Book is here!

More than just a coloring book, this is a chance for your Supergirl to color in Shaya in the way that lets them see themselves in her shoes.
This kind of representation through activity encourages positive self-esteem and confidence in the way they look at themselves and view themselves in the mirror. #Self-Reflection is Key!
Black Girl Magic!

Grab it on Amazon today and let your child color until their hearts content!